LifePurpose Coaching

DharmaVeda LifePurpose Coaching™ – Alternative Career Coaching
DharmaVeda LifePurpose Coaching appeals to people who aren’t satisfied with just a job but want to discover more meaningful work or a life focus that feels more like a calling or true “vocation.” DharmaVeda LifePurpose Coaching is more than just finding a specific job as it helps you discover your natural contribution and service in the world. The word “dharma” in ancient Sanskrit means: “living according to natural law.” On a deeper level this means that each of us is here for a specific purpose and that it is our challenge and duty is to discover what that purpose is.

For some that may mean breaking through blocks that prevent you from making a greater impact in the world. For others it may mean reorienting your work so you can do more of what you love as a self-employed entrepreneur. Regardless of the direction you take, the most important thing to remember is that you have a dharma or mission that is unique to you and that is naturally un-folding. The opportunity with DharnaVeda LifePurpose Coaching is to discover what the grand synthesis of your unique gifts, interests, talents and abilities is all pointing to.

Conducted through bi-monthly telephone calls,
DharmaVeda LifePurpose Coaching helps you:
* Discover work that expresses your true life purpose!
* Increase satisfaction by doing more of what you love!
* Gain clarity of your unique knowledge, skills & abilities!
* Increase awareness of mental blocks that hold you back!
* Create resumes that describe who you are, not just what you do!
* Design action plans that keep you focused and on track!
* Express your unique gifts and contribution in the world!

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1) DharmaVeda LifePurpose Coaching™ – $300 – 1 month
Designed as a tool for supporting and furthering the insights gained in DharmaVeda LifePurpose Astrology™ consultations, DharmaVeda LifePurpose Coaching™, similar to career coaching, helps you discover, clarify and manifest your life purpose and life’s work. Bi-monthly 50 min. sessions.

2) DharmaVeda LifePurpose Coaching™ Package – $525

DharmaVeda LifePurpose Coaching™ is designed to help you discover the work you were meant to do and exponentially increase your satisfaction in your professional life. Package includes a 75 min. DharmaVeda LifePurpose Astrology™ Consultation, bi-monthly 50 min. DharmaVeda LifePurpose Coaching™, or career coaching sessions plus email support between sessions.

RH“James is an inspiring career coach, and a compassionate, thoughtful, open-minded and kind-hearted person. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking guidance in defining and reaching their career goals while staying true to that which is important on one’s personal life journey.” - R.H. Redmond, WA

CT“James brings a synergistic combination of insight, humor, sincerity and professionalism to this work. He is a great listener, astute observer and clear communicator. Through my coaching work with James, I realize and appreciate how my unique skills and life experiences all contribute to the expression of my authentic vocation. I am more confident in my decisions and trusting of my instincts to guide me on my path.” - C.T. Seattle, WA

When you work with James you get the benefit of a Master Astrologer, Transpersonal Counselor, Business and Career Coach for the price of one! Drawing from his M.A. degree in Transpersonal Counseling, 26 years experience as a professional astrologer, 25+ years study of Vedic Philosophy, and training as a certified business & career coach, James brings a unique blend of sensitivity, depth and insight to his work. Deeply, yet gently truthful, he always looks for and speaks to your highest potential and empowers you to reach it.