Vedic Astrology Forecast for 2014

2014From a Vedic Astrology perspective, 2014 will be a very powerful year with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon’s nodes (Rahu & Ketu) changing into new signs. Jupiter, in particular, is the planetary transit to watch as it moves into its exalted sign of Cancer bringing expansion and abundance into your chart for about a year.

Mars, though, is the first planet up as it starts shifting on 2/2 until 9/4, moving from Virgo into the sign of Libra. Although Mars in Libra, is often depicted as somewhat “wishy-washy”, the truth is that Libran energy can be quite strong.  Mars in Libra is the defender of justice and can be quite bold and outspoken when people are being treated unjustly.

One of the best ways to use Mars is in Libra is to speak out against any injustice or inequality in your life. If you are carrying more than your share in life, you may find that resentments will start to arise during this transit. The challenge is to get in touch with what you do, and don’t want to do for others. If your style in the past has been more about pleasing others at your own expense that’s not going to work anymore! What is fair and equitable is the most important criteria at this time.

Jupiter moves next on 6/18 as it enters Cancer, it’s best sign. Jupiter is very much at home in Cancer and we should feel a significant shift as it moves out of the air sign Gemini and into the water sign of Cancer. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and it is said to be exalted in the sign of Cancer, the sign associated with the moon or feeling nature. With Jupiter in Cancer the major focus is on expanding our feeling nature and creating a sense of  home and belonging for ourselves. For instance, individuals born with Jupiter in Cancer are usually very compassionate and nurturing. They are learning the lessons of how to embody these qualities without the “smothering mother” effect. Jupiter in Cancer for all of us then is an opportunity to open our hearts and have compassion for our self and others. It is also an opportunity to serve others unconditionally; helping them to feel like they have a home and a sense of belonging. In other words, it’s a time when the emphasis is on heart qualities (Cancer) rather then head (Gemini).

Since Jupiter is also one of the indicators of wealth and abundance in your chart, it’s very important to know which house Jupiter is transiting in your chart this year. Jupiter is an expansive planet and it can be very good in the dharma houses (1, 5, & 9) and in the wealth houses, (2 & 11). Wherever Jupiter in Cancer falls this next year (until 7/13/2015) though, is an indicator of where you can expand, and prosper.

Rahu and Ketu take about 18 months to go through a sign and since they move in retrograde or backwards motion, Rahu will enter Virgo (it’s own sign) and Ketu will enter Pisces (it’s own sign) from7/13/2014 through 1/8/2016. The house in your chart that Rahu in Virgo is transiting for the next 18 months shows where you will want to gain material results and intellectual understanding. In Vedic astrology, Mercury is the ruler of the sign Virgo, so Rahu’s position there gives great insight and intellectual understanding in that area of life that the astrological house represents. In some ways, Rahu’s transit through a house brings a crisis first and then redemption. Rahu in Virgo, particularly, helps us bring whatever may be hidden in the unconscious mind into the light for healing.

The house in your chart that Ketu in Pisces is transiting for the next 18 months shows where you will want to experience detachment or letting go. The ruler of Pisces is Jupiter, which represents what value you place on wisdom, inspiration & expansion. When Ketu is in Pisces, the opportunity is to “re-evaluate” what is important to you. Through the process of detachment, Ketu usually turns our world upside down. What we used to value becomes less important. What we couldn’t live without in the material world seems no longer relevant. Ketu’s transit through a house will give you a new sense of freedom as you let go of things that distract you from inner happiness.

Finally, Saturn, which has been in Libra since 11/14/2011, moves into Scorpio on 11/2/2014 until 1/8/2016. Saturn in Mars’ sign of Scorpio is not the best position as Mars & Saturn are natural “enemies.” That’s because Mars wants to move fast without necessarily thinking of the consequences and Saturn prefers a more methodical and practical path. The opportunity for hard work, persistence and follow through with this placement is excellent, however. The challenge is to use the planning, management and strategic ability of Saturn to keep Mars on track, focused and disciplined. And…to be careful not to overwork and drain yourself.

All in all, 2014 presents a lot of opportunities for expansion with Jupiter in Cancer and hard work and focus with Saturn in Scorpio. If you’d like to find out more specifically how these 4 major transits will affect you in 2014, you might want to consider a Vedic reading covering the major periods and transits.

Copyright 2014 – James Jarvis, M.A.

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