James Jarvis, M. A., Vedic Astrologer & Dharma Coach- Living Your Life Purpose?
- Manifesting Your Highest Potential? 

“DharmaVeda” translates as “the wisdom of your highest potential.” If you are ready to discover your life purpose or “dharma” and manifest your highest potential then you’re in the right place and DharmaVeda Astrology™ , Career Success Consultation™  & LifePurpose Coaching ™ are the right tools!     Click for Specials

Welcome to DharmaVeda
It is said that if you are in tune with your dharma then the rest of your life naturally unfolds. You will find information and support here through consultations, coaching, free articles and blog that will inspire, uplift and empower you in your personal and professional life development.

Discover: Drawing from the wisdom of the 5,000 year old Vedic Astrology Tradition of India, your unique DharmaVeda Astrology consultation helps you discover  your life purpose or dharma, right livelihood, obstacles & challenges, and the timing of auspicious current events for strategic planning. more info

Clarify: Designed as a tool to support and clarify the insights gained in your DharmaVeda Astrology™ consultations, DharmaVeda LifePurpose Coaching™ helps you create a compelling vision for your life, break through blocks to success and design action plans that keep you focused and on track. more info

Manifest: If you are a solopreneur or service professional who wants to manifest your full potential, make a difference, and sucessfully share your gifts with the world, Conscious Entrepreneur Coaching™ supports you in learning how to develop, manage and market your business. more info

Support On Your Journey
Whether you are longing to discover a deeper calling in your life; seeking to clarify what your next career steps are; or trying to manifest your vision as a successful conscious entrepreneur, we have a program to help you succeed on each stage of your journey.

James Jarvis